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Model and actor with more than 10 years of experience in various roles can be booked for acting roles and / or photo shoots. But you can also book me for a positive media statement for your company.


Hebbes casting, B&F Casting, iCasting, ZaZa Casting, Prestige modelmanagement, Anti Model, Dutch casting agency, Xtraz , Star now, GOOD VIBES , Zora Models, Litmind, Multa Casting, Blue Circle ,Netflix, BBC, Borgman& Augustinus , Thea Meulenberg Casting , Suus Casting , MTV, SBS 6 , BNNVARA, Dynamic Casting, MATZWART, Mattmüller Casting,, Melanin Wonder, Roos Drupsteen Casting& Research, Greg Smolders, GIG Creative Film productions, Shootz Casting Agency, Videofactory, Mooi Echt, Apple TV, KRO-NCRV, Castfinder, Selfcast International, Newish Media, Pic Nic, Mamascreen, Epic Frame,,, Idee aan Zee and Kweekvijver Noord


Menzis, Henkel, Bas world, NPO, Carrefour, Consolid, Dos Equis, Amstel bier, Hansaplast, Dag Blad De Stem, Keukenconcurrent, NS, Canon, Agis ,FOX-IT , Albert Heijn ,Andrelon , , Bon Bini Holland 3 ,Opsporing verzocht, Het jaar van Fortuyn, , Melk en Dadels, Rijksoverheid, Boels,Rabobank, Dearly, Kröller-Müller Museum, Nike, Luka, Stichting Missie Tumor Onbekend, The Social Equation, Beter Bed,Dirty Lines,Willemsen Makelaars, Gemeente Arnhem, Van der Valk 2, Kate Louisa, Kasteel de Haar, Apple, In de schaduw van weleer, Uiltje Beer, Timing, Wienerberger, Fortis Incasso, The Challenge Reunion, Foodies Movie , Kwik Fit, Holland Casino, Tenminste Houdbaar Tot, The Tribute – Battle of the bands, Dice Dreams, De Voordeelmarkt, De Nederlandseloterij, Tropenjaren, Rampvlucht,, Hans Anders  Miracle Cash&More, Five Live, Plus Supermarkt, Artsen zonder vakantie, A Beautiful imperfection, KNVB, Staatsloterij, AG Insurance, Statafel, De Slechste chauffeur van Nederland, Bouwspraak, Nederlands Politie Orkest,, PicNic, Gemeente Amsterdam, Bosch, Colad, Leger des Heils, Exxon Mobil, De Vos Ergonomics, Schiphol, Belastingdienst and Noordhoff


Years of experience 




Recent Jobs

Acting in Noordhoff’s internal video


Role: Bastiaan de Groot (I myself) is a business manager and has a conversation with Steven Hertzog (Henk Dillerop), the technical director, about colleague Francien.


Acting in promo Belastingdienst ( Dutch tax authorities)

Belastingdienst ( Dutch tax authorities)

Role: Office worker at work. Online promo recruitment campaign for the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.


Model in promo Schiphol


Role: Security officer who performs various actions. Online promo recruitment campaign Schiphol.


Acting in promo Rabobank


Role: A couple of man and woman are standing in front of the car with a full shopping bag and the woman draws the man’s attention to the fact that a little more has been spent than was perhaps intended using the new Rabo app. Online promo.


Acting and Modeling in promo De Vos Ergonomics

De Vos Ergonomics

Role: Employee working at his desk. Online promo.


Acting in promo Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil

Role: Man of the family multiple scenes.

– Having breakfast with his wife.

– While unloading groceries.

– Driving in the car.


Extra in TV Commercial KPN


Role: Businessman during a business meeting in lunchroom.


Model in promo Leger des Heils

Leger des Heils

Role: Businessman together with business partner in Salvation Army hotel in various situations, mainly relaxation. Online promo.


Model in promo Colad


Role: Employee in various situations in which he uses colad products. Online promo.


Acting in promo Bosch Security Systems


Role: Online promo.

– Board member during a conference.

– Employee busy with installation of equipment.


Model in care campaign

Municipality of Amsterdam.

Role: As a businessman promo commissioned by the Municipality of Amsterdam.


Extra in promo Pic Nic

Pic Nic

Role: As Stijn employee in the warehouse. Online promo for staff recruitment


Acting and Modeling in TV Commercial

Role: Man of the family in different situations in different seasons.

– Model for photo shoot promo online and various socials.

– Christmas commercial dressed as Santa Claus.

– Valentine’s Day commercial father and son moment in which son proudly shows the drawing he made to his father.

– Mother’s Day commercial moment together with son and mother.


Supporting Actor in promo Dutch Police Orchestra

Nederlands Politie Orkest ( Dutch Police Orchestra)

Role: Domestic scene of a man who has breakfast with his wife (main character) and says good bye to her when she hastily leaves for work.


Extra in promo Bouwspraak


Role: one of the construction workers on the construction site in a promo from Bouwspraak (online publication).


Finalist Face of Melanin Wonder 2022.

Melanin Wonder NL

Finalist Face of Melanin Wonder 2022.

Melanin Wonder is an online magazine that focuses mainly on the Melanin community and wants to put it in the spotlight in a positive way.


Extra in  Dutch TV Program

De Slechtste Chauffeur van Nederland ( The Worst Driver of the Netherlands)

Role: Protesting and rioting person during a demonstration.


Model in promo Statafel 


Role: Man on multipple situations from drinks to bbq at the table.


Acting in Promo Insurance Company

AG Insurance 

Role: Various scenes at work from the office to running with a colleague.


Acting in TV Commercial

KNVB( Dutch football association) & Staatsloterij 

Role: Man who has prepared snacks and is ready for the game .


Model for KNVB campaign Volle bak naar Oranje (Full house to Orange)

KNVB( Dutch football association)

Role: Shoot with few football fans we drive in a full car to a game from the Dutch team.


Supporting Actor in international Cinema movie

A Beautiful Imperfection

A Beautiful Imperfection tells the story of Lucia, the first and great love of Giacomo Casanova, who leaves Italy and settles in Amsterdam after her face is affected by smallpox. Sixteen years later, when Lucia has reinvented herself as the veiled courtesan Galathée, they meet again. Without revealing her true identity and face, Lucia and Casanova become lovers again. Will Lucia dare to unmask herself and reveal her true identity so she can be truly free before herself and Casanova? (The film is set in the 18th century)

Role: Visitor during an Opera performance and play with leading lady Dar Zuzovsky.


French and Dutch Voice-Over

De Droom van de Jeugd ( The Dream of Youth)

Role: French and Dutch Voice-Over in KRO-NCRV Series De Droom van de Jeugd( The Dream of Youth).

Extra in international Apple TV Series

Kansas 3

Role:  One of the VIP members in the stadium and Ajax Supporter.

Hand Model in promo

Artsen zonder vakantie ( doctors without vacation) Belgian Company

Role: Shoot with fellow doctors message that multiple hands connect and heal people.

Hand Model in TV Commercial

Plus Supermarket

Role: Cozy with friends at the full table in front of the bbq.

Supporting actor in Dutch Tv Series

Five Live

Role: Colleague in the office. Dutch comedy series starring Linda de Mol and Waldemar Torenstra, among others.

Actor in TV Commercial

Central  Dutch government

Role: Man who turns the radiator knob and turns the temperature down. Intention reducing energy consumption in Dutch households.

Supporting Actor in Dutch NTR Program


Role: Employee in an amusement park in dialogue with the main character.

Acting in educational video

 Dutch Government (intended for physicians during special briefings)

Acting in educational film about illegal organ transplants.

Role: Medical social worker in conversation with patient (a fictitious case).

Extra in promo store Miracle Cash&More

Miracle Cash&More

Extra in promo store

Role: Mystery Shopper with the aim to appeal to more audience.

Extra in Television Commercial

Hans Anders

Extra in Television Commercial

Role: Audience during a greyhound racing competition.

Model ( Dutch cooking magazine)

Photo shoot for cooking magazine

Role: Family man cooking in his own kitchen.

Featured in May 2022 edition.

Extra in Dutch Series

Rampvlucht ( Horror Flight )

Extra in Dutch series Rampvlucht.

Role: Fixed role as resident.

Extra in Dutch BNNVARA Series

Tropenjaren ( tropical years )

Extra in Dutch BNNVARA series Tropenjaren

Role: Patient at the doctors office.

Hand Model in Television Commercial

De Nederlandseloterij

Hand model multiple shoots in different poses.

Extra in Television Commercial

De Voordeelmarkt

Extra in commercial role: Shoppers.

Extra in Television Commercial

Dice Dreams

Extra in commercial role : passer-by.

Audience jury in Dutch Music Programme

The tribute – Battle of the bands

Audience jury in Dutch Television Music Programme.

Acting in Dutch Series

Tenminste Houbaar Tot ( Best before)

My character : Raoul with i.a. Ductch Actor and Actress Ricky Koole ( as Anna) and Ruben van der Meer as antagonists. Role with lines.


Holland Casino

Extra in Commercial Holland Casino. Role:  Visitor.


Kwik Fit

Shoot: As employee in different situations.

Acting in Dutch Comedy Movie


Acting in dutch Comedy Movie
with i.a. Roué Verveer (Surinamese/Dutch comedian) as antagonist. Role: Chef

Expected Release :  Spring 2022



Extra in commercial Rabobank Role:
Businessman in cafe behind his laptop.

Acting in Music Video


Music video by Belgian Artist Luka Title song: Fomo

Role: Father who is angry with his disobedient daughter who goes out with her friends against their agreement.


Extra in X-mas TV Commercial.

Stand-in MTV Program

The Challenge Reunion

Stand-in for international MTV program The Challenge Reunion.


Fortis Incasso

Acting in Corporate Video:
Me as the male half of the couple scene:  A home visit from the bailiff initially with a lot of aggression and in the end a solution (role with lines).

Extra in Corporate Video


Extra in Corporate Video ( Xperience center Wienerberger).

Voice- Over


Assignment for internal use.

Extra in Dutch Holocaust Movie

In de Schaduw van Weleer ( In the shadow of the past)

As: victim who gets deported.


Uiltje Beers

Commercial hunting at the (moving) beer cans.


Kasteel ( Castle) de Haar

Photo shoot: Father enjoying with his family during his visit to castle de haar.

Supporting Actor in Music Video

Kate Louisa

Music video by German artist Kate Louisa title song : Marie

as: Man in the bar who is having a drink with some friends.

Supporting Actor

Timing employment agency

Television Commercial: Employee in a factory.


Municipality of Arnhem

Photo shoot for a campaign commissioned by the municipality of Arnhem.

Supporting Actor in Brittish/Dutch series

Van  der Valk 2

Brittish/ Dutch series as: Member of the team of detectives.

Supporting Actor

Willemsen Makelaars

Corporate video: The male of the couple at the real estate agent while buying a house various scenes.

Extra in Netflix Series

Dirty Lines

Dutch Netflix series as: Male nurse in hospital.

Supporting Actor

Beter Bed

Television Commercial as: co-star of main character (with lines) at a party.

Supporting Actor

Albert Heijn

Television Commercial as: Referee during a football match.


The Social Equation

Corporate video businessman in the office in various situations.

Supporting Actor

Stichting Missie Tumor Onbekend

Online Promo for Charity.

Supporting Actor


Commercial TV and Online worldwide.



This promo will be visible on all web channels: Role: Postman who delivers his package and who is reminded of his deceased daughter when he sees a playing toddler.


Kröller-Müller Museum

Internal promo: Various scenes of father and son visiting the museum.



Coperate commercial: Different scenes during board members meeting.



Commercial: Scene employee active at the workplace.


Rijksoverheid ( Dutch Government)

TV Commercial : Campaign about reducing the Covid restrictions. Scene visiting friends watching football together.

Acting in Movie

Het Nieuws van Morgen ( Tomorrow’s news )

As Chief Investigator Simons.


Amstel Bier

Commercial (inter) national

Different Scenes

– Friends in the pub in various settings.

– Friends who are gaming.


Melk en Dadels

Dutch Cinema Series Rol (figuration)

– Dancing audience in the club.


Commercial for Dutch and Belgian TV (European Championship 2020 campaign) Roles:

– As a cheerful swinging Belgian mascot Red Devil.

– Figuration as a football fan in a decorated street.


Het jaar van Fortuyn ( The year of Fortuyn)

Dutch TV Series: Permanent role as a journalist.


Opsporing verzcoht ( Search requested )

Dutch TV Program: Reconstruction, role of friend of the main character in the broadcast.

Supporting Actor in Movie

Bon Bini Holland 3

Scene: Lawyer attending a garden party with some colleagues.


Menzis Verzekeringen

Program Supporting Actor internal film employee at the office who also makes a statement (voice-over).


TV Commercial: Man who surfs online and discovers



Tv Commercial Supporting Actor as pub goer and passerby


Albert Heijn

TV Commercial Supporting Actor  as a passerby and as parent.



Program Supporting Actor internal film at the office scene as an the decision maker
and a street scene.


Menzis Verzekeringen

Theme construction worker on site. Photoshoot.



Online commercial for Henkel for the German market.


Bas World

Proud African prosperous businessman who has just bought a truck. For both TV and online media communications.



Almelo, Netherlands

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